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Lynbrook , NY

This winter we are offering Training for Travel teams at our winter facility Sportime Lynbrook. Team Training sessions will be ran and designed by professional Trainer Derek Kinsella and will be will be specifically tailored to your team. Team training runs 5 weeks beginning January 2019.  Time slots are available on weekends. We only have a few slots available and these slots go fast.

If you are interested in having your team upgraded with comprehensive and exciting Training sessions with one of long Island top coaches please contact us to discuss.

Trainer will come to you

If you have a training location for your Team and you are looking for a Trainer to take your team to the next level.Trainer Derek is available to come to you. Please contact us for details.     

Our S.M.A.R.T Training

Description Overview

1: S (Skill) All sessions are designed to incorporate skill training into each session.

2: M (Movement) Our trainer Derek focus on keeping players constantly moving with a well-planed sessions. The movement of players also incorporates each player's movement within game related situations within each section of each practice.

3: A (Awareness) each player is constantly taught and encouraged to be aware of their position and other positions within game scenarios. All players are asked to constantly evaluate the situation in each game related situation and learn how to read the game and awareness of player with the ball and what the players with ball might want to do.

4: R (Rhythm)     rhythm is very important to all our session instilling in the team that rhythm is a habit; players are taught how to instill a rhythm to games and practice

5: T (Technique) everything each player does in practice has a huge focus on the technique involved in executing correctly and consistently.

All sessions follow a proven format that ensures maximum learning and skill retention

If you would like to discuss your teams training needs and apply to have your teams trained this winter by Trainer Derek

Call: 516-476-2906

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