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Est 2008



Pre Travel Fall 2020

Pre-Travel Teams

U7(2013) & U8(2012)

Pre-Travel Program is an excellent start for younger player while having the same focus on teaching and playing real games as we do with all our teams, Teams will play in games against other teams form other clubs , they will play at least 6 games in the season. The games are 6v6 format and these games will be full format real soccer games with referees etc.

Pre-Travel Practice:

- Pre-Travel Teams will have 1 practices sessions a week, 4 bonus Clinics during the season

- 1st session will be a team based session, focusing on player tactical related learning. Advanced teaching of positional play, Game related situation and full rules of the game.

- 4 Bonus Session will be a clinic based session, These sessions are designed to focus on players technical development Teaching them the Fundamentals needed to execute at a high level. Areas these clinic will address, Shooting, Finishing, foot-skills and attacking dribbling.