Select Teams

Coming Fall 2020 Busby Select Teams U9(2012) thru U12(2009),

We will be adding Select Teams to our already established Team Programs for fall 2020 Season. Our New Busby Select teams will allow our players who desire and have the ability to play for our Select Teams in League competition this fall 2020. We will begin Tryouts & Evaluation for these teams this spring 2020 & summer 2020. The Busby Select Teams offered fall 2020 are U9(2012) thru U12(2009), our plan is to develop players to play at the highest level against challenging competition.

Moving forward Teams will be put together with a view to the future, We are going to look further than we ever have before with building Teams for success and continuity offering them challenging competition as they grow and develop as players. Players now will be able to continue with us as long as they choose, playing at the highest level they can while always being challenged and inspired to be the best player they can. To implement our plans we have made strategic partnership with Pro10 Soccer Training and we look forward to a great Partnership.

Pro10 Soccer & Busby partnership will allow our players who desire and have the ability to play for our new Busby-Pro10 select teams, these teams are designed to develop as a players to copmpete at the highest level, with a clear plan on developing these players for the future.

We look forward to our players growing and being challenged tactically and technically, we believe these changes will make players embrace their hopes, challenge their ability and reach their dreams.

If you would like more information please let me know.