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Club complete Program Overview

We offers local clubs within the long Island area with a variety of youth soccer training support programs.  One of the most popular and impactful partnership  is the Club Complete program. This program provides a youth soccer organization with a comprehensive and complete training support package.

Program Implementation

1. An initial assessment of the organization is conducted.

2. Based on this assessment and consultation with club members, a detailed training proposal is created that falls in line with the our best practices

3. The training proposal highlights specific soccer training programs that will be implemented.

4. The central component of the club support program is a highly trained youth coaching staff which is deployed to lead all of the training programs.

5. Ongoing assessment and support is continually provided by our management staff.

Club Complete Program - features

The club complete program includes the following program options

    Soccer training programs for recreation, competitive and premier players

    Specific travel team training

    Game day team analysis and support

    Coach education programs and diplomas that help support and develop volunteer coaches

    Specialty training clinics

    Summer soccer camps and preseason team training camps


Program Consultation

To have our coaching expert review your organization's player development structure, please contact us at:


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Tryout Program Overview

We offer youth soccer organization in the Long Island  area with support and advice in operating seasonal tryouts and player assessment events.  For many youth soccer organizations, one of the biggest problems encountered is player tryouts. The issues faced often involve towards assessing players  

- Additional time required from volunteers

- Organization and logistics

- Tryout format and structure

- Providing impartial results

- Correct implementation of results

We offer turnkey tryout services to negate these issues. Tryout services offered include consultation advice in setting up a tryout system and a complete tryout package, providing professional support with a high level of organization and professional assessment.

Tryout Philosophy

We believe in game related assessment as the most effective way of assessing the skill level of a player

- We create an environment for a fair and accurate assessment of technical and tactical ability and evaluating Players in game situation is a much more reliable way of assessing a players level.

- A small part of our evaluation is Small-sided games with variable conditions are utilized to create specific attacking and defending situations.  This allows for increased ball contact and greater opportunity to assess each player individually.

- Players are assessed over a number of games, we offer a in season evaluation of player where our professional will attend games i8n which the tryout class is playing and assess players, this assignments moves forward to the final evaluation.

- The tryout process can cater to one team or 20 teams.  Typically each tryout session lasts for 90 minutes, including set up and explanation.  The exact format can be tailored to meet the host organizations requirements.

To find out more information and to have a   representative discuss your tryout structure:

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Team Training Overview

We also provides an opportunity for teams within a club to be trained by us.

The team program is offered to individual teams within an organization. Each team has the opportunity to schedule one to two training sessions per week with a professional trainer, optional game day support is also available.

The following five-step model is used to ensure consistent and effective results:

Our S.M.A.R.T Training

Description Overview

1 S(Skill) All sessions are designed to incorporate skill training into each session.

2 M (Movement)     Our trainers focus on keeping players constantly moving with a well planed sessions. the movement of players also incorporates each players movement  within game related situations within each section of each practice.

3 A (Awareness)  each player is constantly taught and encouraged to be aware of their position and other positions within game sinarios. players are asked to constantly evaluate the situation in each game related situation and learn how to read the game and awareness of player with the ball and what the player withe ball might want to do.

4 R {Rhythm)     rhythm is very important to all our session instilling in the team that rhythm is a habit, players are taught how to instill a rhythm to game s and practice

5 T (technique) Everything each player does in practice has a huge focus on the technique involved in executing correctly and consistently.

All sessions follow a proven format that ensures maximum learning and skill retention

If you would like to discuss your teams training needs and apply to have your teams trained by Busby soccer  Academy:

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